Golf Course Aesthetics

Aquarina Golf Club, Melbourne Beach, Fl.

Existing Situation: The restroom facility was once located 40 yards from the location below. It was situated near some adjacent land that was on the market for sale. The lot owners did not want the facility in their backyard view.

Action Plan:  IGM coordinated with all parties involved and agreed on a new location for the facility that was still functional to the course layout, but accommodating the new landowners wishes of keeping it out of their view.  As part of the process, IGM laid out a new cart path route and prepared the area for the building, which included sod removal, fill, grading and final grading for the level structure. Landscaping the facility after the move was complete was also IGM's responsibility.

End Result: By doing the building move project in-house, IGM saved the client a hefty amount of money. The landowners and the clients could not be more happy with the outcome of the facility. IGM helped the club create an aesthetically pleasing appeal to the once unwanted building.